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Alf Lechner,
"Kreisteilung-Quadratanordnung-Kugel" 1987

Heinz-Günter Prager,
"Grosses Kreuzstück 3/88",   1988



"Sculpturepark Philippsruhe Palace"

Sculptures in the park of the
Historic Museum of Hanau

free admission daily from dawn to dusk

Link: www.skulpturenpark-schloss-philippsruhe.de/

Magistrat der Stadt Hanau
Abteilung Museen und Bildende Kunst
Schloss Philippsruhe 63454 Hanau
Philippsruher Allee 45, Tel: +49(0)6181/20209

Source and photos:
with friendly permission (catalogues "Stadtbildhauer 1986, 1988, 1990")

photo A. Lechner: Hans-Jürgen Herrmann
photo H-G Prager: Heinz-Günter Prager

State: 07/2004

Hanau is situated between A 3 and A 66 east of Frankfurt/Main

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Take the bus from Hanau Center.
By car: Parking in front of the Historic Museum.
Gravel walks in the park. The palace is accessible to disabled . (lift, ramp at the entrance, toilet: wheelchair accessible on ground floor)