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Laura White,             Paul Baekhoj,
"Between Meaning"     "Bornemann Pumps"
Keizo Ushio,              Tobel, "Windungen"
"Oushi Zoukei"           

Rainer Lechler, "Bergmann im Streb"


Stadt Obernkirchen

"Skulpture Path Obernkirchen"
48 sculptures in a circuit through the
town and the sourroundind landscape

Link: www.iobs.de/

Further Informations:
www.obernkirchen-info.de/ (pdf - 2.6 MB)

Stadt Obernkirchen, Marktplatz 4
31683 Obernkirchen, Tel: +49 (0)5724/39548

A leaflet shows the sculpture paths
and the locations of the art pieces

Source and photos:
with friendly permission, leaflet: "Begegnungen mit Kunst in Stadt und Landschaft"

State (updated): 07/2016

North of the A 2, Hannover towards Dortmund. Or east of Bückeburg via the
B 65, exit Bad Eilsen-Ost

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Most sculptures are set up in the middle of Obernkirchen. Some are set up in the near surrounding. Easily accessible by wheelchair.