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Richard Serra, Intersection, 1992, Theaterstrasse - Foto Juri Weiss

Bernhard Luginbühl, Amboss, 1980,
Merian Park Brüglingen -
Foto: 11/2010 rosmary, flickr. Lizenz: Commons Wikimedia


Stadt Basel -

Sculptures by national and international artists in Basel's city area

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Kanton Basel Stadt -

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State: 01/2014

Destination: From the Southwest of Germany take the A 5 / E 35 to Basel.

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I recommend to join a guided tour to artworks. Or make some of the five "Art Walks" suggested in the book.

More sculptures in Basel

Tinguely Museum

Kunstmuseum Basel

Fondation Beyeler
CH-4125 Riehen)

Sculptures in higher resolution Wikimedia Commons

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Art Walk -
Spaziergänge durch Basel

Hrsg.: Isabel Zürcher, Eva Bühler + Jürg Stäuble,
128 Seiten 18 x 12,5 cm,
Verlag Christoph Merian, 2013
ISBN 978385616182 - € 17,00